“Denise is a patient and encouraging professional organizer who takes the time to really understand your primary needs for organizing (i.e., papers and office area, clothing, toys and games, general decluttering), and she works with you to formulate an action plan specific to your unique situation.  She is efficient and gives practical tips on how to get and stay organized as she works alongside you.

Denise is empathetic and non-judgmental. She motivates you and cheers you on in your quest for a more organized home.  Denise helps you to take a big task like cleaning up a whole room and breaks it down into small steps to make it less daunting.  She affirms your accomplishments as you make progress in taking back control of your home. She advises you on how to maintain order once an area is decluttered so that you can work towards long-term change to “restore peace” in your home.  I enthusiastically give Denise MacMurtrie my highest recommendation for her organizing services!”