“Peace Restored is the perfect name to describe Denise’s gift: bringing peace, order and maximum functionality wherever she goes. Denise’s gentle, kind spirit combined with her fabulous organizational skills make her business a ‘must experience’ for anyone facing any type of organizational challenge. Denise came into my home and adeptly found the perfect solutions for my particular needs. She helped me de-clutter and make areas throughout the house easy to manage. My pantry is now a joy to enter because everything has a place that makes functional sense. Denise can tackle even the most horrendous problem areas like my catch-all, shove-it-away- when-company-comes drawers, closets, garage, and basement. I no longer feel angst when I need to find a pencil and a sharpener. Denise has a keen vision and insight as to what will work best, and can implement the solutions needed to make your home a more peaceful, functional, respite of serenity and order. I heartily recommend Denise for all your organizational needs.”