“I grew up in an orderly, neat home. Everything had a place and somehow with 4 children, my mother managed to keep the house neat and tidy. Living in this orderly home as a child created an internal need for order. As I began raising my 6 children, I found that I was not able to create the environment that my parents had created for me. My husband and kids didn’t mind, but it has always bothered me; without order, I feel unsettled. The “front line” for this battle eventually emerged in my bedroom. After moving from one room to another last summer, I was never able to accommodate the “stuff” that had collected over the course of 18 years. My room became the place that we put all of the “un-filed” things. Over time the room I had hoped would be a haven from the rest of the house became the room that I most wanted to avoid. This caused both conscious and unconscious stress and had a cascading effect on my ability to pull the rest of the house together.

The work Denise did reversed this whole situation. The combination of her calm demeanor and talent for sorting and organizing allowed me to completely restore my bedroom environment beyond my expectations. Not only do I now have the “haven” I so desperately needed, but Denise also gave me a knowledge-base and framework to use for the rest of my house. Most importantly, I have hope; hope that I can regain my peace of mind one room at a time and I can keep it that way!

Thank you Denise for your help! I will recommend you to everyone I know who has a similar need. May God bless you in your work and allow you to restore peace to many, many more households.”