“Since I am an organized and process driven person in my work, I didn’t think I needed someone to help organize my house. But with two small kids, no matter how many times I felt like I had cleaned up it was always a mess again.  read more

Erica, Collegeville

“I cannot thank you enough for your expertise in organizing!  Tackling those bookcases seemed like Mission Impossible.  Your appreciation of the items, and your help in categorizing and sorting were very helpful.  Your questions and information helped me evaluate and make decisions on what to re-shelve and what I could let go of.  You were a wonderful partner patiently guiding me through.  I have since cleared other spots and drawers that needed de-cluttering.  The whole experience was very empowering and peaceful.  You truly have a gift for organizing.”

  read more

Karen, Havertown

“The work Denise did reversed this whole situation. The combination of her calm demeanor and talent for sorting and organizing allowed me to completely restore my bedroom environment beyond my expectations.” read more

Amy, Collegeville

“Peace Restored is the perfect name to describe Denise’s gift: bringing peace, order and maximum functionality wherever she goes. read more

Cindy, Pottstown

“It was amazing how fast my house began to feel like a home after my first session with Denise. read more

Arielle, Philadelphia

“I highly recommend Peace Restored Organizing. I am a creative type with a tendency towards clutter. However, I crave the order that seems elusive to me. read more

Cyndi, Ligonier

“Denise is a patient and encouraging professional organizer who takes the time to really understand your primary needs for organizing read more

Joy, Audubon