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The Process of Letting Go

The other day my husband and I were clearing out old books from a bookshelf in our basement. One of our most cherished family pastimes is reading, and the number of books under our roof testifies to that.  Running my hands over the covers of books lining the shelves quietly connected me to the hours…

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Rules to Live By

Whenever I want to make ongoing improvements in my life, there is usually a habit or two connected with that change which I need to alter.  I’ve learned to set “rules” for myself to encourage me to make those changes.  Now some people react to the concept of rules, fearing they will be an imposition…

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Ordered Steps on a New Path

I grew up in an immaculate home.  Really.  My father was a carpenter who built our stone front colonial split level home on a hill with a pastoral view.  My mom, a dedicated, full-time homemaker, kept our home well-ordered and immaculately clean.  Have you heard the saying, “You could eat off the floors?” Yup, that…

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Time to Clear Out

I love this time of year! Not only is spring right around the corner but as a Catholic, it is the liturgical season of Lent–a time to reflect on what gets in the way of our relationship with God. But it also causes me to reflect on the material things in my life that take…

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Time for a Change

Time for a fresh start.  A new year is here! As the bustle and festivities of the holiday season fade, the promise of a new beginning breathes hope into the darkest and coldest months ahead. The common practice of making a New Year’s Resolution sets us on a course of seeking to better ourselves in…